Introducing Dan & Cedar


Just a couple of mouth-breathers.

My name is Dan.  I have a dog named Cedar.  He does most of the thinking for us.  I have hands.

He is a sometimes gassy Hungarian Vizsla.  But he was born in the U.S so he can work here.  I am a natural-born U.S. citizen myself.  So I could work here…

We live in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and do our best to get into  the woods as much as possible.  We spend a lot of time at Lake Nockamixon, a man-made lake swollen by a dam on Tohickon Creek. .

According to Wikipedia, Nockamixon is a Lenape word for “Place of soft soil.”  Which is appropriate.  Image

Follow our further adventures into the wilds of Pennsylvania.  And take serious note of just how handsome and buoyant Cedar is.Image

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