Hardest Working Dog in Dog-Business (By Cedar)

The Daddy says Woah but I no Woah.  Bird fly, big Bird.  The Daddy shoots and I go, I know I find it on the Ground again, but I don’t.  I go and go and the Daddy says the Words that means he is mad.  Bird should be on the Ground but it is not and I run in circles where Bird should be.  The Daddy says Woah and I Woah and he says Good Dog and Sorry and At Ease.  This means the Daddy no knock Bird down.

The Daddy says Huntem Up!  So I Huntem Up.


The Ground is pale and cold and gets pushed between my toes but I mostly don’t notice since there is Scent on every Wind.  I know the Daddy knows that I’m the Hardest Working Dog in Dog-Business since the yesterday I caught a Squirrel and the last fall Shaked a Groundhawg which eats his garden though it’s not the same Groundhawg as the picture, the Daddy didn’t let me Shake that one.


But I did get a Squirrel the yesterday and it Maybe poked a little hole in my nose but I shaked and it didn’t poke anymore.  And the Daddy looked Proud and Maybe also at the same time Sad but I think more Proud because the Daddy and I we Hunt, so.  And I know that the Scent on the Wind is Bird.


So when the Scent on the Wind or on the Ground is Bird I point and the Daddy can see the Scent. And sometimes the Scent is not Bird but Was Bird, but either Way the Daddy comes to see the Scent.  And sometimes the Daddy has to go down as tall as I to see the Scent because the scratchy Trees is thick.  But the Daddy still comes and when the Scent is Bird the Bird flies and sometimes Daddy shoots and I go and sometimes Daddy just says Woah and I want to Woah but sometimes I go.  And if the Scent is Was Bird the Daddy says Go Easy and I Go Easy and then sometimes the Scent is Bird after all.  And then if the Daddy shoots and Bird is knocked down I go, and I Fetch Bird to Daddy, but sometimes Bird is not knocked down and the Daddy says the words that mean he is mad but I know he knows I’m the Hardest Working Dog in Dog-Business.


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4 Responses to Hardest Working Dog in Dog-Business (By Cedar)

  1. Nothing better than a working dog doing what he’s born and bred to do. Syre is envious!

  2. dfconnelly22 says:


    Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug.

  3. I love this! Great to see Cedar in action, doing what Vizslas are bred to do. I don’t hunt, so my boy’s work is limited to being handsome, snuggling, and making me run. But he’s really good at all three.

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