Ah, it’s been too long.  Even so, I’ve spent my days with brow deeply furrowed, expectant of seed, fallow but formidable as large dark swaths of patterned land viewed from a jetliner.  The truth is, I’ve been turned inside out.  Or really, I suppose, outside in, and carried my various organs swaddled in the knowledge that I’m soon to turn 30.  


Just around the corner

My heart, say.  It is a machine which extrudes love to pile in coils at a certain rate.  There are days when the mechanics who are responsible for the maintenance of it are at the top of their game, and the heart is productive.  And days when it seems they all take ill at once, and the damned pump does naught but spill bile on the factory floor so that it seeps past door sweeps and leaves a lingering odor.  I’ve finally come out of the office to re-calibrate this piece of equipment.  It turns out many clients will need to find new suppliers.


My heart looks like a still

The office has had some tidying itself.  It is no longer a space for piling junk.  Certainly, there is plenty of useful junk around.  But I’ve learned, I think, to file it correctly.  Office flow chart: Is this information useful?  Yes. Keep it around.  Is it immediately useful?  Yes.  Put it on the desk.  Do I really give a shit?  Yes.  Take appropriate measures.  And back through with No.  No. Throw it out.  No.  Throw it out in a week.  No.  Throw it out.  Holy shit, I can’t believe you threw that out!  Well, it’s on the fuckin’ internet, so.


I feel a bit foggy

And where would we be without the energy plant, the stomach?  I signed up with this company that delivers organic produce to my door.  So, I eat a lot of kale.  Which offers way more nutritional value than whiskey.  Like Tyson vs. your middle school self more.  I suppose that’s good.


I also eat mushrooms. Yup.

But kale is good with whiskey.  As are smoked oysters.  And every everlovin’ thing you ever ate.  So the liver and me are still at odds, though maybe a large fraction less so.  You’re welcome to imagine large fractions (by which I mean fractions which signify greater than 1/2) and do the mental math to convert them to percentages, which I think are way easier to think about, especially when making bar graphs.  But that sat on my desk for a week, and I threw it out, and I no longer go to graphic bars.


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