What It Is

Like everybody else in the world, I think I am special and unique.  My dog is likewise.  We tend to do some interesting things together, though I realize that not everybody agrees on the definition of interesting.  Much of what occupies our attention are things related to nature.  Exploring and backpacking, survival skills and woodcraft, pressing unsuspecting plants and flowers between the pages of literary masterpieces, and shanghaiing artifacts of Earth history and arranging them for display on our bookshelf.

Cedar is a bird dog.  He is hunting and stalking small woodland critters and birds at the moment he gains access to outdoors.  His is a pointing dog.  Lately, he has been pointing turtles for me.  Which are a less than exciting quarry.

I’m back in Pennsylvania after living a number of years out west.  I vacillate between wanting to stay here and wanting to head back out.  Of course, there are other parts of the country I’d like to live in a while as well.  But for the time being, we’re here in Bucks County, and we try to explore the back country of Pennsylvania and surrounding areas as much as possible.

Due to severe nostalgia, this blog will occasionally feature my adventures out west as subject matter.  Enjoy.  And feel free to leave a comment and let me know you were here.


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